Tomorrow is made by our choices today … make the good things happen!

ecocheck1 is a work programme in Wales, UK, delivered by Richard Thomas in conjunction and collaboration with others as part of a movement pursuing a sustainable future:

  • In the 21st century many organisations are looking closely at how they operate, who their main stakeholders are and how the wider world is affecting what they do. For organisations looking to adapt to a changing future, Sustainability Consultancy Services are offered.
  • Climate change, energy costs and security of supply might be issues for you. If you are interested in measuring your carbon footprint, the C-clear carbon assessment service is a simple and affordable first step.
  • The personal blog posts here are an exploration into ideas and actions that affect how the world is functioning now and how it will evolve tomorrow –  for better or for worse. There are no great claims here to having all the answers … but thinking out loud about some of the critical issues that affect humanity and the world we inhabit.